About Us

About Xperience Gaming

Xperience Gaming was originally a YouTube channel containing original videos about all things gaming over the course of a year this transformed to various blogs until it became the site you are on now. We created the site  after realising we all had mutual passion for gaming and enjoyed sharing our knowledge with others. This lead to the creation Xperience Gaming a place where gamers like ourselves can find what we feel is some of the best news sweeping across the media at any that moment in time as well as our own un-biased reviews that aim to tell exactly what is good and bad about a game and get straight to point on whether or not we think it’s worth your time.

After several months of frequent content posts exposing us to world our following has started to grow creating more of a community which we take great pride in communicating with as frequently as possible which is why we have made ourselves present on so many different networks. We love talking to fellow gamers like us and hearing and sharing their thoughts and opinions on anything gaming which is why we offer the chance for anybody to guest post as well as affiliating ourselves with fellow gaming blogs, fan pages etc. no matter who they are.  So there you have it thatch what we are all about and now you know why not join  us as we continue to grow ?

Meet The Team

-Name: Paul

-Alias: Relentless 1990

-GamerTag: Relentless 1990

-PSN: Relentless_1990

-Twitter: @Paul Cater

Paul Cater aka Relentless1990 is the founder and creator of Xperience Gaming. He would describe himself as a a hardcore gamer and does not take this title lightly as is often seen making the slightest little game with friends into a grudge match and can usually be seen screaming war cries through the mic to his fellow gamers. Paul’s biggest gaming achievement has got to be his gamer score he would gladly waste a good day trying to get the required challenge complete just to boast about it in the end But not only does Paul love playing games he also enjoys reviewing them, be it news, reviews or anything that he thinks you want to read about. Paul is the main architect of the site keeping it running and continuously making improvements and when he is not doing this you’ll finding him airing his opinions on our social networks as well as communicating with companies to get giveaways and inside information as well as frequently adding posts to the site.



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